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ROOT - A Supreme Release Yoga Journey into Stillness and Renewal

ROOT - A Supreme Release Yoga Journey into Stillness and Renewal

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Course Date - Starting Monday 27th then continuing June 3rd, June 10th and June 17th

Time - 7-8pm 

Cost - £60

This 4-week semi-private Supreme Release Yoga series is dedicated to creating awareness about and facilitating release in the area around the tailbone. This area of the body is where experiences like stress, fear, anxiety, sense of insecurity or lack of safety manifest in form of muscle tension. Since these deeper layers of tissue can be incredibly hard to reach and release, many of us walk around with chronically tense and thus weak pelvic muscles, having a negative effect not only on our physical wellbeing but on the way we feel about ourselves and experience the world around us. This course is designed to address this not only on the physical level but also beyond, creating a safe space for the whole of you to relax, journey inwards, and rest deeply.

The semi-private format of this course, with enrolment capped at 5 participants, allows for a more intimate experience and for more personalized attention and tailored support throughout. Participants are invited to stay for a chat over Chai after each class.

What is Supreme Release Yoga?

SRY (pronounced “shree”) is a therapeutic yoga practice that focuses on nourishing the spine.Through gentle yoga poses, those muscles around the spine are being supported to release.

This is a deeply restful and inward-oriented process. It is equal parts deep, advanced, and accessible. There is no pushing, straining, or stretching. Instead, this practice guides us to sharpen our awareness for more subtle inner sensations.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who are completely new to the practice and for those who have practiced Supreme Release Yoga (SRY) with me before but paused when I took a break from teaching in the last few months. This practice is perfect for you if you need to rest.

It can help if you

- suffer from incontinence,

- struggle with backpain,

- struggle with sleep issues or find it hard to rest deeply,

- lead a busy life and often feel drained,

- spend a lot of time caring for others but have the tendency to neglect your own well-being.

Why semi-private?

In this 4-week yoga course, I choose to keep the class size small, offering a semi-private format limited to 5 people. As the sole instructor, I want to ensure that each participant receives individual attention. Rather than a large group setting, the semi-private format allows me to truly interact with each participant and to respond to their unique needs. This personalized approach fosters a supportive environment where students can grow together as a group. I value open exchange and encourage participants to share their experiences and questions freely. This intimate setting also allows me to regularly check-in with each participant, ensuring that they feel seen and heard. By investing in this semi-private format, participants can expect a level of care and attention that goes beyond what's typically found in larger-sized group classes."

• Suitable for all levels of experience

• £1 Mat hire if you don't have your own mat (or buy mats here)

• Price includes chai tea


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